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MaBOS helps Analyzing Your Business

Analysis supported by MaBOS plays a role on several levels.

The first analysis step in a project is to understand the client's problem, to analyze it carefully, to understand how the business operates, and to decide what sort of approach is suitable. By talking to the client's staff, MaBOS`s mathematical consultants visualize how people doing the job currently think and arrive at their decisions, and learn from their experience. One result of this first step analysis of the problem, is, among others, a clearly defined goal of the project.

The second analysis step in a project is a careful analysis of the available data possibly supported by data mining techniques.

The third analysis step in a project is a deep analysis of the mathematical structure of the problem. This influences the choice of mathematical methods and algorithms. An adequate solution often requires a combination of methods.

The final analayis step in a project After the mathematical model has been coded and tested with real data, the client is heavily involved in validating the model. When successfully validated, the optimization tool is used to analyze real business situation and a set of of What-if? scenarios.

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