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Core Competence

MaBOS core competency is concentrated in the following areas: 

in depth knowledge on mathematical optimization in real-world problem
special techniques for very large problems with millions of variables (column generation, etc.)
in depth knowledge and work experience in Algebraic Modeling Language and Optimization Software:
   Xpress-MP, GAMS, OPL Studio, MPL
PC environment: Windows and Linux
network to other consultants and business contacts to Optimization
staff and line management background in all areas of IS, especially project
   management in IS systems implementations and IS systems enhancements
consultancy and project management experience in the area of Supply
   Chain / MRPII / ERP and S&OP (Sales&Operations Planning)
working experience in various functions of chemical industry (IS,
   manufacturing, Supply Chain), locations (Germany, US, UK) as well as
   businesses (fibres, chemicals, films, pharmaceuticals)
SAP project management experience at plant level as well as large
   international chemical industry with roll out projects
SAP APO based optimization projects projects
lecturate at universities
training courses (all levels: management, overview)


If you have any questions to MaBOS GmbH please send us an e-mail to info@mabos.com.

If there are any network problems please mail the problem to the local Webmaster of MaBOS.

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