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MaBOS was founded in 1998.The Headquarter is in Schwetzingen, halfway between Mannheim and Heidelberg, Germany.
Today, MaBOS operates worldwide as a consultancy company with a strong background on mathematical methods in the context of business optimization. The services MaBOS offers include the analysis of the client's existing business situation, the mathematical modeling and optimization of the problem, and the implementation of the solution into an existing or newly developed IT architecture. MaBOS offers clients a reliable longterm partnership and very deep and broad support. MaBOS clients benefit from our widespread background reaching from deep mathematics to experience in supply chain systems improvements (e.g., SAP standard software), and from science & engineering know-how to skills related to data mining, data structures and parallel computer networks. 



MaBOS Mathematical Business Optimization Services GmbH


Schwetzingen, Germany


Mannheim HRB-Nr. 1909 S

USt-Id. Nr.:




Josef Liesenfeld



Mailing Address:

Helmholtzstr. 155
D-68723 Schwetzingen


If you have any questions to MaBOS GmbH please send us an e-mail to info@mabos.com.

If there are any network problems please mail the problem to the local Webmaster of MaBOS.

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